Signs of Cold War between Putin, Biden and the G7

Treaty of “assassin” by Joe Biden On Wednesday March 17, Vladimir Poutine responded this Thursday to his Russian counterpart. “He is the one who says who he is,” snapped the Kremlin teacher.. “It is not an accident, a kid’s joke,” he added. In the process, the G7 countries followed in the footsteps of the US president in highly offensive outings.

Seven years after the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the foreign ministers of the 7 richest countries reaffirmed that Crimea was part of Ukraine. They report a Illegitimate and illegal annexation of Russia, which “openly violated international law”.

According to Westerners, Russia has used force, trampled on human rights and continues to destabilize Ukraine, especially in eastern regions. The G7 openly declares that Russians support armed groups in this conflict, which has already claimed more than 13,000 lives. The tone is very unusual, but it must be said that the grievances are accumulating.

Thus, in addition to Ukraine, there is also the attitude of Russia in Syria, interference in the US elections, the poisoning and imprisonment of the opponent Navalny. Joe Biden has set the tone, the G7 follows him with a hint of the Cold War, but the pressure will have to be lowered to discuss the reduction of nuclear weapons, Iran or even climate change.

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