“Sex and love”: “Exclusive survey” in Russia on Sunday, November 22

In the largest country in the world despite the appearances of a liberated femininity, sex and love still rhyme with tradition and patriarchy. Of the 147 million inhabitants of Russia, 53% are women and 47% are men. Added to an imbalance is a serious demographic crisis (five million fewer inhabitants since the end of the USSR and a fertility rate of just 1.5 children per mother).

As a result, the Russian woman has one goal: to find a husband and start a family. Many are willing to accept anything to achieve it. Macho, domineering and ultra-conservative, the Russian has taken power in Putin’s Russia. The Russian president, who does not hesitate to show his virility in propaganda images, defends traditional values.

His policy: break the parity between men and women and reactivate the birth rate. If large families were frowned upon in Soviet times, they were accused of reproducing poverty, under Putin they became the role model. And man is its pillar.

Decriminalized domestic violence

Privately, however, women pay a heavy price for this male omnipotence. Every year, 15,000 of them are killed by beatings by their spouses, almost without legal consequences. The state even decriminalized domestic violence in 2017.

In Saint Petersburg or Moscow, some rebel against this new moral order and demand sexual and loving freedom. A particular way to give Russian women back their powers of seduction. Tanya, 28, manager of an events agency, has been organizing libertine evenings for four years, very popular among the fashionable young people of the capital.

“Sexe et Amour”: “Exclusive Enquête” is broadcast on M6 on Sunday, November 22 from 11:10 p.m.

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