Schools of Classes 9 and 11 in Gujarat resume from February 1

Within three weeks of schools reopening for grades 10 and 12, the Gujarat government announced on Wednesday that classes 9 and 11 would resume from February 1. In addition, training classes for students of grades 9 to 12 and competitive exams were allowed to reopen from February 1.

The decision was made at a state cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Vijay Roubani and Deputy Prime Minister Nitin Patil and will apply to all public and self-funded schools and grants across the state.

“After an overwhelming response to Chapters 10 and 12 along with the state Ministry of Health report, a decision was taken to reopen Chapters 9 and 11 today at a cabinet meeting. The decision is also based on effective efforts by the Ministry of Health in reducing infection Corona Virus Gujarat’s Minister of Education, Bubendraseneh Chudasama, said.

Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the government earlier on January 8th in relation to Covid-19 The minister said it will apply to classes 9 and 11. He said that special classes will also have to strictly adhere to the standard operating procedures.

After staying closed for more than nine months due to the coronavirus outbreak, schools reopened for classes 10 and 12 and colleges for final-year and postgraduate students in the state on January 11.

Shudasama said the decision to resume classroom teaching was made in the students’ best interest. However, a decision is awaited on the resumption of classroom teaching for first and second year undergraduate courses.

These will also be summarized shortly. Preparations for this have already begun. College homes, which were turned into Covid care centers during the peak of cases, are barely taking in patients. The minister added that a decision will be made shortly after the health and education ministers present their report on the complete disinfection of these hostel buildings and hand them over to the state government.

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