Save $ 50 on ecobee smart thermostats on early Black Friday sales

ecobee Don’t wait until Black Friday for the start of the Big Black Friday sale, you can actually save a lot on many of their products including Smart Thermostat.

Currently, the ecobee Smart Thermostat is down to $ 199, and that will save you $ 50 off its regular price. This made it a really cool deal, and great storage stuff for anyone on your list looking to make their home smarter.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat may not have the best name, but it does a great job of helping you save energy and therefore money. In the first year, ecobee estimates that you will save about 23% on heating and cooling costs. So it can pay for itself in less than a year. This is unbelievable when you think about it.

It also comes with a room sensor, which is a feature that really sets the ecobee apart. The room sensor can be placed elsewhere in your home – perhaps in a bedroom across the street. It works with the ecobee Smart Thermostat, so it knows if the whole house is at the temperature it should be or not. If you have a room that’s usually cooler (or hotter) than the rest of the house, this is a great way to fix this.

ecobee Smart Thermostat is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. In fact, Alexa is integrated. So it’s like having an echo on a wall. Meaning you can ask your thermostat to play music on other smart speakers in your home. Which is very fun.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat design is also great. The screen is off, so it looks like a black circle on the wall.

You can get the ecobee Smart Thermostat from the ecobee website Click here.

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