Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag + will be launched soon

to me 91 mobiles Samsung plans to launch two tracking brands. The Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag + along with the Galaxy S21 series are expected to launch on January 14th. So, if you are someone who easily lost your keys or other items, Samsung has you covered.

Samsung’s smart trackers will be launched at the Samsung Unpacked 2021 event on January 14th. Details were just rumors so far. Thanks to Ishan Agarwal, a trusted source for technology leaks, we now know that there will be the Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag +.

Originally, it was only thought that there would only be a Galaxy SmartTag. The regular Galaxy SmartTag will have the El-T5300 model number and the additional variant will have the El-t7300 model number. The feature list of upcoming smart tracking devices has also been revealed.

Galaxy SmartTag will automatically connect to Galaxy devices. This is to be expected as Samsung previously did with the Galaxy Buds Live. Users will also be able to ring their phones by pressing the button twice. Additionally, they can share the location with their family and friends.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag / SmartTag + will respect your privacy

One feature that is sure to be welcomed is end-to-end encryption. It will also contain a Security ‘Privacy ID’. Focusing on privacy is very welcome especially considering that many companies have run into trouble in this regard. The smart tracker will measure 4cm x 4cm x 1cm and weigh 13g. It will come in five different colors and come in packages of two. Available colors are black, oatmeal, denim blue and mint.

Unfortunately, the features of the plus model are not known at this time. But it is expected to have the same features as the base model with few extra features. Earlier this month, the design of the device was spotted on NCC. Design looks to be the same and has square form factor and rope shaped hole.

Thankfully, the price has been confirmed and it’s not bad. A smart tracker can cost around 15 EUR (around 18 USD). Unfortunately, that’s all the leak revealed.

Once again, the new smart trackers should be launched alongside the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S21. The Samsung Galaxy S21 will reveal some cool features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, beautiful OLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, and triple rear camera array. With these features, the Galaxy S21 will garner a lot of attention, but the new smart trackers will also be welcome. You can follow the Samsung Unpacked 2021 event on January 14th.

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