Samsung Exec carries a mysterious smartphone, and it is likely a rotatable phone

Samsung Vice President Lee Jae Young is expected to become the president of the group. Last week I he met With senior executives from all of its businesses on the company’s research and development campus in Seoul. In the image shown above, the vice president of the company is pictured holding an unprecedented Samsung smartphone.

The device is clearly not as thick as the newly launched Galaxy Z Fold 2. Since the current generation foldable screens cannot fold flat, this cannot be a Galaxy device. Moreover, none of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 smartphones is as thick as the device it carries.

Has the Samsung VP spotted with an expandable smartphone that hasn’t been released?

There was also Speculation From South Korean media it is likely that it will be the company’s first smartphone with an expandable screen. It could be the prototype of the device that could turn into a tablet to offer more screen space. Interestingly, its South Korean counterpart had already bothered the expandable device a couple of months ago.

After the leaks, LG will launch a Project B smartphone featuring an expandable screen under Project Explorer in March 2021. LG is also selling a perishable OLED TV for around $ 87,000 in South Korea. While Samsung has yet to release any product that features a rotatable screen, it has patented two designs.

This could be the prototype of a Galaxy smartphone that features an expandable screen

The curved top edge looks similar to one of the patented designs from 2019. In this design, the device will be thinner at the top than it is at the bottom. Unlike offering a tablet-like experience, the patented device’s screen only expands at the top, thus providing a taller screen. So far, Samsung hasn’t mentioned anything about the device its vice president is using.

However, the company has plans to launch the smartphones in a new form. Reports from earlier this year indicated that Samsung had arranged special demos of an expandable smartphone prototype for its customers. During its annual SID event in 2017, the company also showcased a dynamic expandable OLED screen.

It is a 9.1 inch screen that uses LTPS technology and comes with an integrated multi-touch panel. Before Samsung launches a commercially expandable smartphone, the company must come with more advanced UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) protection for foldable devices.

As we have seen with foldable devices, expandable smartphones will be limited to early users in their early years. Without a large user base, it’s hard for developers to support this new form factor that hinders trying the program in some way.

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