Samsung appears to be developing Z foldable devices

Samsung appears to be so Development Z-folding devices. A new patent has been registered at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The device shown here is described as a multi-fold electronic device.

Note that this patent does not show the actual phone, but rather the general philosophy of such a device and the screen required for it. It is suggested that the company is testing z-foldable devices, in other words, foldable devices in two places.

This patent goes to describe what’s necessary to make this device happen, and it even shows some graphics. Given that it needs to be folded in two places, Samsung will need to include two hinge designs. Why two? Well, it should be folded in different directions.

Given that we are talking about z-folds, one part of the screen will always be exposed. Why is Samsung trying these things? Well, such a foldable device would make it possible for the company to accommodate a larger screen.

Samsung will be able to include a larger canvas in its z-folders

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a 6.23 inch screen on the outside and a 7.6 inch screen when opened. The foldable z-fold will likely be able to accommodate a screen larger than 9 inches.

Samsung z-foldable graphic

This will basically enable Samsung to create a large tablet that can be folded into a smartphone. Such a device would be even heavier than the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is noteworthy.

This, of course, does not confirm that Samsung will actually continue this, and create such a device. The company definitely thinks about it. Given how heavy such a phone is, focusing more on foldable devices might not be a bad idea … at least when it comes to large display sizes.

As for the rollable device, the phone could still be much thinner, at least in theory, while still allowing the company to offer a very large canvas. Samsung has likely been working on a foldable smartphone as well, as its CEO has been spotted holding one … well, he was spotted holding a mysterious phone that definitely looks like a foldable phone.

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