SABER helps you stay safer with our new app, CES’s Smart Pepper Spray

Personal Safety Brand Sabir I have taken to CES 2021 to clarify the details of the new SMART Pepper Spray and launch a new app.

The app, called the SABER Personal Safety app, is already available as of this writing. And at least at surface level it’s fairly simple. Similar features are found in everything from smart watches to other apps. In short, the geo-use free app tracks users in real time. If they find themselves in danger, they can then send a message to specific contacts. This is without requiring their contacts to download the app.

Location data is sent, of course, with the message. It will keep updating until users identify themselves as safe. There is also a map inside the app so that users can find themselves if they need to. Or if they are in an unfamiliar area.

So where does SABER SMART Pepper Spray enter this equation?

Now, the SABER Personal Safety app is great on its own for those who need it. But the company’s new pepper spray is also associated with this app to offer completely new functionality. The app only allows users to see the battery level and the app’s pairing status. It also provides premium features to the table closer to smart home security.

Not least, with a $ 4.99 monthly subscription, using SABER’s SMART Pepper Spray will automatically alert 911 senders. This includes attached location data and real-time location tracking. That way, if users find themselves in a really dangerous situation or under attack, they also don’t have to remember to seek help. The app will do this part automatically.

How much does pepper spray cost?

As noted above, SABER SMART Pepper Spray is not completely ready to buy as of CES 2021. The application is available now but the spray will not be available until April. In terms of cost, the spray price is $ 79.99 according to the company’s website and app description.

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