Russia threatens to block Twitter

MOSCOW: On Saturday, Russia accused the United States of using information technology opportunities to engage in unfair competition and social media platforms that censor arbitrary and indiscriminate content.

Russia this week said it was slowing down Twitter in retaliation for what it called a failure to remove blocked content. And she threatened to block the American platform directly, a step that escalates the dispute between Moscow and American social media companies.

Twitter currently classifies some Russian media outlets as “state media,” a move that Moscow has condemned. President Vladimir Putin signed laws in December giving Russia new powers to restrict social media giants in the United States.

”[The platforms] They do not, in principle, have uniform standards for managing themselves. “This is a semantic and technological dilemma,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

“Digital content is subject to arbitrary and indiscriminate censorship by some intermediaries without a decision from a court or relevant competent authority.”

Twitter said on Tuesday it was deeply concerned about the increasing attempts to block and stifle public chats online and that it was concerned about the impact of Russia’s measure to slow down its service on freedom of expression.

“Washington’s goal is clear – to use IT opportunities for unfair competition in all areas,” Zakharova said.

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