Rumors of Nintendo Switch Pro NVIDIA may attract both old and new fans

The next Nintendo Switch could be the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet we’ve been dreaming about for years. The first NVIDIA SHIELD (handheld device) proved to us that there was a market (despite its small size at the time) for a portable gaming machine with ready processing power for generating mobile games. The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet * made it clear that NVIDIA was considering expanding into a world that includes home gaming console, PC streaming, mobile gaming, and everything in between. Then they started working with Nintendo.

In October of 2016, NVIDIA and Nintendo revealed that the then-new Nintendo Switch was powered by a dedicated Tegra SoC. This means it is unlikely that NVIDIA will head into the future as they will continue to try and handle the tablet PC business. Instead, they’ll put their effort into what has become one of the best-selling gaming products of all time, cutting down an entirely new category for itself in the process.

* Watch our NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 review as well as our original NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet review since 2014 to see why these tablets made so soon.

Now, the latest rumor from NateDrake at the Resetera forums That the next Nintendo Switch would suggest working with NVIDIA as well. It is suggested that the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro was working on / with NVIDIA, and that they basically got to the point where they got a solid hardware design while focusing on processing power.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is rumored to run with NVIDIA DLSS and will be able to display content up to 4K. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will have its own 4K display, just that it will likely be able to deliver 4K content through its dock to a giant TV.

This same source suggested that “support the first party.” [will] It stretches on new hardware and the current switch for at least two years. ”This would be a massive upgrade for those who have been playing with the original Switch from the start.

It will also be a huge opportunity for NVIDIA, given the continued association with this huge gaming company as well. If NVIDIA is able to bring DLSS to the Nintendo Switch, complete with support for titles of all kinds, it will be a huge draw not only for new users, but users who have been playing Nintendo Switch games for the past half decade.

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