Rumors claim that the Nintendo Switch will get a hardware update with Nvidia DLSS this year

There is a rumor going around that Nintendo is upgrading its Switch game console to include a new Nvidia graphics chip later this year. Rumors claim that the console update is targeting the 2021 holiday shopping season. An upgraded Nvidia chip will have better graphics and improved processing power for the new Switch model.

The source of the rumors is unknown people claiming to know about Nintendo’s plans. to me Sources, The new switch will support Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), a display technology that uses artificial intelligence to render better graphics more efficiently. Sources also claim that the console will receive an upgrade for the OLED display.

Nintendo’s upgraded console is also claimed to support 4K graphics when connected to a TV. Using the new Nvidia chipset will also add a better processor and more memory to the portable console. DLSS support will require developers to add code to their games.

This means that the benefit from the new graphics technology may be limited to the yet-to-be-released games. Previous rumors indicated that the OLED screen used in the updated console will be sourced from Samsung Display and measure seven inches.

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell well, but it is getting old and facing new competition from the upgraded consoles from Xbox and PlayStation. Demand for gaming hardware and software emerged during the Coronavirus pandemic, forcing many people to quit work and leave them stranded indoors. It’s unclear how the worldwide chip shortage could affect Nintendo’s plans to launch the console just in time for the holiday shopping season. Console manufacturers are likely to be in short supply as manufacturers have proven unable to meet demand.

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