Rolla, Missouri, an unauthorized homecoming dance at a steakhouse has become a potential coronavirus event

I amIt didn’t take long for the detective to realize that someone in Rolla, Missouri was casting B. Huge partyEven before it was considered probable Superspreader event.

The sailing themed invitations were filmed on screen snap chat. Parents wrote encrypted posts on Facebook. Pink formal dresses have appeared on Instagram.

But it is likely that Rola residents who saw these posts did not put the full picture together. And they couldn’t anticipate how much the event – an unauthorized homecoming dance at a local steakhouse – would have had on society, forcing Ministry of Health To dedicate all its resources to a single failure and to return high school to full virtual learning.

This week, Ashley Wan, director of health for the Phillips Mary County Health Department, told The Daily Beast that up to 200 students from Rola High School – and many parents – gathered indoors at Matt’s Steakhouse on Saturday 7 November. It was a “parenting event,” and the department said students from beginners through to higher grades were present.

“The individuals we have been in contact with have all reported not wearing masks and that event organizers have made masks optional,” Wan told the Daily Beast.

When the inevitable cases of COVID-19 began to emerge, Wan said the task of managing her became more difficult due to the lack of an attendance list.

This was not a coincidence: The Ministry of Health was told “by community members and attendees” that the organizers had intentionally concealed the number and identity of those present to avoid being traced to contacts in the event of an outbreak, Wan said. This account of an intentional epidemiological blackout has been reinforced by a few accounts from the population.

As of Friday, there were seven cases linked to the event and several others at Rola High School among students and staff, Wan told the Daily Beast. She was not optimistic about her department’s ability to relate all relevant cases.

Photos posted to Matt’s Steakhouse on Instagram this week showed high school students in formal attire – black sequins, jackets, and heels – smiling broadly without masks in a room decked out with gold and blue balloons.

Rola’s story reflected many other stories across the country, as health departments face an uphill battle against COVID-19 suspicions and the politicization of the wearing of masks – and the likelihood of a single event causing large-scale outbreaks. But it was marked by what residents described as a purposeful effort to fend off health officials’ scrutiny even as the third wave of the pandemic breaks through the new terror boundaries across the country.

“We know that we will not be able to get a true picture of the impact this event has on our society,” said Wan. Some individuals will choose not to report symptoms, some will choose not to undergo the test, some may remain asymptomatic and spread it to others without knowledge, so comeback will not be linked to the dance. Unfortunately, there will be individuals who are dishonest and intentionally withhold information, which is not uncommon for communication in general. “

Photos posted to Matt’s Steakhouse on Instagram this week showed high school students in formal attire – black sequins, jackets, and heels – smiling broadly without masks in a room decked out with gold and blue balloons. “We had to have one last party before we got back to lockdown,” read one of the comments.

But who is planning an event like this in the midst of a pandemic, where local cases are already beating the public health department and super-events are making news across the country? Interviews with residents and a review of social media posts indicate that this was not a simple case of children.

Do you know something we have to do about Coronavirus, or how your local or federal government, school or business is Responds to her? Send an email to [email protected] or securely at [email protected] from a device that is not working.

Local parent Corey Coates posted to Facebook after the dance: “My boyfriend and I did something yesterday.” “We did a really big thing. And we had a lot of support. A lot of help. A lot of really happy kids. And it was kind of amazing. I really want to get to know these people and thank them but I can’t. But my heart is full and I think the kids are happy and it was worth it. . I would like to do it again. I am happy and sad at the same time and want a normal life. I think we delivered this for one night. # HOCORHS2020. “

This hashtag appears to reflect the slogan “HOCO: Sailing from 2020,” which was featured in a screenshot from Snapchat shared with The Daily Beast on Friday that showed event details on a nautical format and asked parents who want to contribute or help with the organization to contact Coates.

“Let’s do this thing!” Another said.

In a text interview with The Daily Beast on Friday asking about the event, Coates said she “has no comments at this time.” She did not confirm or deny the event planning herself but added, “If you are going to write the article, I suggest you look at all HS activities in the week leading to dance and community events.”

Coates noted that many events, including both boys and girls’ basketball and wrestling auditions, powder game play, and games took place in the same dance week.

As of Friday, County Rolla Phelps – pop music. 44789 – It had a cumulative total of 1,214 confirmed cases and 34 deaths from the coronavirus, according to Coronavirus dashboard in the state. The county has had an average of 28 new daily cases over the past seven days, a number that appears to be on the rise. The last appointments for the injured were overnight on Monday and Tuesday, with 70 new cases and 30 cases recorded every day, respectively.

Craig Hounsom, the superintendent of the Rolla 31 School District, announced in an email to staff and parents Thursday evening – hours later The news broke for the first time to dance And related cases – Rola High School will transition to “full virtual learning” from November 16 to November 23. The email, which was obtained by The Daily Beast, indicated “a sharp increase in positive cases of COVID, high numbers of quarantines for students due to internal and external communications, high rates of absenteeism from school due to illness, and an increase in the number of quarantine workers.”

While teens Less likely than older people to die from the virus, they can still deal with debilitating and long-term health complications You will likely pass it on To others. And big events can kill those who are not present, like August’s infamous wedding in Maine That resulted in 170 injuries, Killed at least 7 people Who did not even attend.

Even if the dance does not cause all new infections, it has cast serious gripes in local efforts to keep the city, which calls itself “the center of everywhere”, from drowning in cases of the deadly virus.

“All case investigations and contact tracing efforts have had to focus only on this event, which has led us to lag further in contacting new positive cases,” said a statement issued this week by the Ministry of Health. “This event has the potential to be a super event with more cases expected over the next several weeks. Actions and events like this are reckless and go against all public health mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the entire community.”

The night I was sworn in, someone appeared comparing the mask’s mandates to the Star of David.

– Dean Lyons, Rolla City Council

Highlighting this tension – and the difficult task facing the Ministry of Health – a local woman claimed in a series of Facebook posts that her daughter “did not attend the dance” but added the health department number on her phone to avoid calls.

She wrote, “I’m sorry, but if you’re okay with your son taking other children to the health department for a special event, then you’re the biggest problem … SMDH SOCIALISM.” “You don’t have to answer any of their questions. F #% * to them.”

And she continued, “This is how it all starts.” “Dividing and naming. They broke into your house in the middle of the night. Don’t you think that could happen here? Think again. The difference is that our citizens are armed according to their constitutional rights.”

As for Coates, when asked whether the parents who planned the event had chosen not to track attendance in order to make contact tracing more difficult, she replied that “the event was planned according to what the HS normally does in dances. List of students attending is not a normal practice. For the Harmonized System. “

When pressed to find out whether she or other parents had participated in an attempt to mislead or evade the health administration, she replied, “I will not respond to the accusations.”

Rola High School Principal Jim Pritchett did not respond to letters and emails requesting comment Friday about the reasons for the school closures or the usual protocols for school dances.

An employee at Rola’s red-brick high school – who requested anonymity for fear of professional reprisal – said tickets are usually sold in dances, in part to keep track of students who attend. But that employee said Coates had a point about the number of recent school events.

The employee said, “She is not wrong.” “We had football all season. The kids come and train every day. There were masks and spaces, but you can’t get far while playing sports, so I kind of agree with her about that. But at school at least the things that are approved, we have protocols.” .

“They are 15, 16 and 17 years old. They said they really don’t know better,” indicating that many of the students who attended the dance returned to school on Monday. “But I am disappointed with the parents putting everyone at risk like this.”

The employee continued: “And now we are moving to the default.” “They hated it when we crossed, but now it’s their fault.”

Matt’s Steakhouse emails and phone messages have not been returned this week, but the owner commented on Facebook in response to community complaints, writing that “an event was held here that was orchestrated by a group of parents.”

The owner said, “We were not participating and we did not succeed in the event.” “Many of our employees wear masks. It’s their choice. Business owners struggle to find a balance that works for all of them, including us.”

There is currently no mask state citywide. Although the district required students to wear them, a high school employee told The Daily Beast that they had seen students refuse to wear masks, wear them inappropriately, and hang from their ears or under their chins.

Dean Lyons, a Rolla city councilor who represents the city’s sixth ward, told the Daily Beast on Friday that the city plans to discuss the issue of delegating the mask again on Monday. But they said previous meetings had been bad.

“The night I was sworn in, someone appeared comparing the mask’s mandates with the Star of David,” Lyons said.[ing] That the council members were Nazis because there are no restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID. “

“That was in June,” they added. “The last meeting was where someone was cited by a right-wing conspiracy site about masks that make our lives worse.”

As for dancing, Lyons believes the adults who participated in the event “have no excuse.” They told The Daily Beast on Thursday that it was “bewildering” to imagine “people would really risk their own children, other people’s children, and our entire community for a dance, a dance that could be made at another time, when this isn’t happening.”

Wade Hawks, a 22-year-old Rola citizen and high school graduate who currently teaches at the Rola-based Missouri University of Science and Technology, told The Daily Beast that he believes parents and the steakhouse should take responsibility for “endangering us in the social media.”

“I know a lot of people who have met these people or have been in contact with them through their work,” Hawkes said. “The people who will be affected now will not take it seriously and it will be an epidemic in our small town.”

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