Rokid Vision 2 is a stylish new binocular mixed reality glasses

Rokid Corporation today announced Rokid Vision 2 in Hangzhou, China. These are the latest MR (Mixed Reality) glasses.

Rokid Vision 2 extends current user interfaces including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. In addition, the new glasses are compatible with 4G and 5G networks. Vision 2 also combines AR (augmented reality) with AI capabilities, according to its press release. Rockade believes this will improve productivity in certain worker scenarios. And of course, it offers more immersive experiences for entertainment and gaming purposes. Rokid believes these MR glasses can open up some new and exciting avenues such as cultural tourism, museum tours, and industrial or medical fairs.

Rokid Vison 2 is lightweight and works like regular glasses

The main feature of the Rokid Vision 2 is that it resembles a slightly larger pair of sun umbrellas. Besides being lightweight, a regular pair of mugs can be folded for storage. Using some of the most advanced refractive waveguide technologies, Rokid achieves an image equivalent to viewing a 120-inch TV from about 4 meters or 12 feet. Technically, this translates to a light transmittance of 85% and a field of view of 40 degrees (FoV).

Rokid Vision 2

For an immersive audio-visual experience, Rokid Vision 2 has two-way speakers. To maintain hands-free interaction, Rokid includes dual microphones so you can control these glasses via voice commands.

By producing the Vision Series, Rokid has reached many standards for MR hardware products. Du Hui, Head of Instrumentation at Rokid, shares that the criteria are: high visual transmittance, large unobstructed FoV, extremely long pupil distance, multi-platform accessibility, multimodal interaction and multiple external perception potential.

Updated software and new apps are also coming

Besides the new hardware, Rokid Vision 2 comes with new applications that support spatial interaction such as Fantasy World, Holographic Cinema, and Virtual City. These are internal native apps from Rokid and include Fantasy World, Holographic Cinema, and Virtual City.

Rokid Vision 2 Software Applications

Fantasy World includes an immersive 360-degree space via stereo rendering technology and natural multimedia interaction (voice, head control, and gestures). For 3D cinema, Rokid uses interactive multimedia technology, real-time navigation, and a multimedia engine. Rokid claims this will create a theater-like immersive 4D IMAX experience, including 2D, 3D, and 360 panoramic videos. Finally, Virtual City adopts 6 degrees of freedom, sound, and other technologies with a single RGB camera. This allows users to freely navigate a virtual space.

Rokid Vision 2 Use Case

Along with the hardware, Rokid is trying to have more software power. For this purpose, Rokid provides its own SDK for multimedia interaction, stereo display, visual and multimedia drivers to encourage Android application development. Rokid claims their XR software system supports Amlogic, Qualcomm and HiSilicon, and they plan to build an XR ecosystem with additional hardware partners and software developers.

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