Rocket League Sideswipe is a standalone presentation software for iOS and Android

While the main line Rocket League The game continues to receive new content as a free game in the Epic Games portfolio, Psyonix today revealed that it is working on a new offering. Titled spin-offs Sideswipe League MissileIt is currently under development for iOS and Android devices. The new game should be ready to launch later this year, with testing beginning in some regions today.

Rocket League It looks like it’s going to be a particularly difficult game to pull off on mobile devices (and with mobile controls no less), so it shouldn’t come as a complete shock. Sideswipe League Missile It looks completely different from its more full-featured counterpart. The goal is to continue to plunge a bulky ball into the opponent’s goal using missile powered cars, but perspective has changed in this mobile game.

Normally Rocket LeagueThe camera is on the back of the trigger, but in Survey, He sees the stadium from the side. Squares are designed around verticality more than inside Rocket League Correctly, you’ll be participating in 1v1 or 2v2 matches – not 3v3s or 4v4s here. Psyonix also says games will only last two minutes.

Those who might be anxious about tap or touch screen controls are promised “recognizable mobile controls whether you’re an expert at Rocket League Or still a new player learning your way around the league. ”Add to that a competitive ranking system, the customization should be similar to what we get in the benchmark Rocket League The game, and the Advanced Mechanics for those who want to take the game a little more seriously looks like this might be worth diving into Rocket League Fans.

Of course, we’ll have to watch more of the game in action before we can make that call, and if you’re in Australia and New Zealand, you’ll have the opportunity to do that today with a regional alpha release being made on the Google Play Store. Psyonix says more betas are coming in additional areas, so we’ll let you know when the studio shares more details on that front.

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