Rick Scott tested positive for coronavirus

“I feel fine and have very mild symptoms,” Scott said. “I will work from home in Naples until it is safe for me to return to Washington, DC. I want to remind everyone to be careful and do the right things to protect themselves and others.

Plus Scott, the 87-year-old senator. Chuck Grassley (R from Iowa), the second-oldest in the Senate and third in a series of presidential successions, announced this week that he had tested positive for the virus. Grassley said he has no symptoms and remains in isolation.

Grassley and Scott are part of a growing list of lawmakers who have caught the disease. Senators Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Bill Cassidy (R-Los Angeles), Tom Tillis (R-California), Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Mike Lee (Utah) all tested positive. . Public. Senators Tim Kane (Democrat, Virginia) and Bob Casey (Democrat, California) meanwhile have tested positive for antibodies to the Coronavirus.

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