return to key dates of a “pandemic” year

The chilling word was first uttered on March 11, 2020 by the WHO. Two months after the day after Wuhan’s first Chinese death, the coronavirus epidemic reclassified itself as a “pandemic.” A term used only “in the event of a worldwide spread of a new disease,” according to the World Health Organization.

Since then, the planet has been waiting for the end of the pandemic hiatus, in other words recently discovered. : containment, FFP2 mask, PCR test, serological, antigens, hydroxychloroquine, second wave, containment, messenger RNA vaccine or variants.

In 12 months of pandemic, this evil came from Asia, whose true origins are still unknown,
it will have hit all the continents in several waves. He did it more than 2.6 million people, according to John Hopkins University. Unusual for more than a century and the Spanish flu. TO year sacrificed and a planet put under a hood eagerly looking at the labs that could get her out of the coronavirus.

March 11: Declaration of a pandemic, the world is confined

the March 11th, Therefore, the WHO qualifies Covid-19 as a pandemic. Stock markets are sinking. Governments and central banks are announcing the first massive measures to support the economy. Five days later, Germany asked its people to “stay home” and the UK to avoid all “social contact”.

France locks itself up for the first time from March 17 while the European Union announces the closure of its external borders. Unimaginable until then, the Tokyo Olympics in July 2020 are postponed to the following year. On March 25, the UN warns that the pandemic “threatens all humanity“Around the world, restrictive measures are being taken. The world is pressing on pause.

April 2 more than 3.9 billion people, or half of humanity, are forced or called into confinement. The milestone of one million identified cases has been passed. April 29 US aircraft maker Boeing is cutting 16,000 jobs. Air transport, car construction, tourism, mass distribution: many sectors are suffering and are announcing sharp reductions in workforce.

May 22: the mirage of hydroxychloroquine

Posted on May 22, a resounding international study classifies hydroxychloroquine, promoted by the French professor Didier Raoult, supported by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, as ineffective. But this post contains errors and is retired. 5th June, a British trial also concludes that the product is ineffective.

June 7: the virus breaks out in Latin America

June 7th the pandemic exceeds 400,000 deaths and is advancing strongly in Latin America. Brazil becomes the second most heartbroken country, behind the United States, while its president Jair Bolsonaro downplays the severity of the disease he calls. “grippette”.

He himself will get infected in July 7, like Donald Trump, the October 2nd, after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the March 27th.

September 28: the threshold of one million deaths is crossed

The increase in cases is leading several European countries to enforce the use of a mask in transport, streets, schools or shops. At the end of the summer, the demonstrations against the masks gather a few hundred people in Berlin, London, Paris and Rome.

the September 28, the threshold of one million deaths in the world has been crossed. In Europe, pollutions start to break out again in October. Many European countries are once again enacting closures and curfews.

The United States, where the fight against the epidemic took a political turn in the middle of the presidential campaign, also faces a new acceleration of the epidemic.

November 9: hope for a vaccine

November 9, the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer associated with the German laboratory BioNTech reveals positive results for its vaccine at a time when the official number of official cases exceeds 50 million. Similar announcement a week after American Biotech Moderna.

The hope is then to start a vaccination campaign at the end of the year in the United States, in early 2021 in Europe. The end of the tunnel is in sight, as France begins in late October. a second confinement, then set the December 11 curfew at 8 pm, then at 6 pm Telecommuting is once again the norm and non-essential businesses are closed again.

December 27: vaccination begins in France

Although the spread of more contagious variants raised fears of a new outbreak of the epidemic, vaccination campaigns began in United Kingdom, Russia, United States, European Union. China has been vaccinating since July. the December 27, vaccination begins in France, with the now famous Mauricette. As of January 15, 2021, more than 36 million doses had been administered in more than 50 countries, according to an AFP tally based on official figures.
In February, when the UK is proud to have vaccinated 20 million people and more than half of Israel’s population has received at least a first dose, it begins to emerge. the perspective of a two-tier humanity : the world of the vaccinated who can travel and the world of the unvaccinated who see the planes go by.

The European Commission will present March 17 a project for a digital “green passport” that proves a vaccination against Covid or negative tests to travel with greater freedom. At the same time, on March 11, 2021, most countries in the world still control their borders very tightly.

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