Retail box surfaces without Samsung Galaxy S21 charger

Samsung is rumored to be taking a game from Apple’s Rules of the Game, and launching the Galaxy S21 series without a charger. However, this appears not to be the case in all countries. Thanks to the new leak, we’re taking a look at the Galaxy S21 retail box that doesn’t have a charger.

This information comes from WinFuture, Who shared two seemingly official marketing photos. In these photos, which are included below this paragraph, you can see an ultra-thin retail box and a phone next to it.

Pictures of retail boxes not containing the Galaxy S21 + and S21 Ultra charger have emerged

The first image shows the Galaxy S21 + and its retail box, while the second image is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. A capital S is included in these boxes, and the pictures also list what is included inside.

Aside from the phone, Samsung will include a quick start guide, a USB Type-C data cable, and an output pin. Therefore, the shipping brick will not be included, you can use your old one, or buy it separately.

Now, the source says that Samsung wants to charge the Galaxy S21 series without a charger in most countries. At the moment we are not completely sure what these countries are, but it is quite possible to launch it in Europe without a charger.

We’re not sure if Samsung will offer a second set with the charger included, regardless, you will have to pay extra to get that charger. You will likely get it separately, but Samsung will likely make sure that enough units are available.

Also, the earphones will not be included

Another thing you will notice here is that the earbuds will not be included either. Some users might have expected a wired set of earphones, or maybe even true wireless Samsung headphones with the “Ultra” model, but that won’t be the case, it seems.

These features may be available as a pre-order feature in some countries, but will not be included in the retail box with the device. The Galaxy S21 series is rumored to start at $ 800, but we’ll see what the official information has to say.

Speaking of that, the Galaxy S21 series will be official tomorrow, January 14th. Samsung will announce three new flagship phones, and besides them, true wireless headphones, Galaxy Buds Pro.

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