Restock your PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X today, and where to look [UPDATE]

Today the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will appear in a pair of stores with renewed stock available. Walmart Gamestop has been the subject of reports about the restocking operations over the past few hours, and Walmart’s latest update suggested timing for the restocking will happen at 3:10 PM ET. Update: The Sony PlayStation 5 Console (with frequent hardware games) was released to Walmart online again for $ 499.

Update: According to Walmart’s listing for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, the first wave of hardware sold out or reset as of 3:12 PM ET. This item “will return at 3:20 PM ET.” Good luck with that!

Update 2: Walmart’s Xbox Series X listing will also return at “3:20 PM ET”. The Xbox Series S remains “unavailable” at this time.

As of 2:14 PM Central Time, January 21, 2021, GameStop has shown all PlayStation 5 releases as unavailable or missing. GameStop listing for PlayStation 5 also listed the device as $ 499 – before the page crash.

The Xbox Series X page on GameStop is also down, as of 2:16 PM CST on January 21, 2021. Stay tuned as we continue to track our PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory.

Update 3: As of 2:21 PM CST, January 21, 2021, Walmart sold out of PlayStation 5 consoles. That was one minute after the bell. You might be lucky enough to click the button, but your chances are slim that you will reach the end of the line – we’re sure we didn’t!

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