Restock Xbox Series X at Walmart Today: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for an Xbox Series X console, you will have the opportunity to purchase one later today. Walmart has confirmed that it will bring back the hard-to-find console stock this afternoon, and as a nice bonus, you’ll have two different ways to pay for it – all once or through Xbox All Access. Xbox All Access, as a reminder, lets you pay for the Xbox console and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with 24 monthly installments.

Walmart confirmed its plans to restock into the edge Today, with indications that it will restore console stocking at 12 PM PDT / 3 PM EST today Feb 25. Most Walmart restockings happen at 3 PM ET, which is a good thing to keep in mind at times when Walmart chooses not to give everyone advance notice.

Walmart hasn’t told The Verge if it will have Xbox Series S consoles in stock, so for now, the assumption is that the more expensive (and more powerful) Xbox Series X will be restocked. If you’re interested in trying your luck, post on List For Xbox Series X and start refresh page a few minutes before restock. Alternatively, you can also download the Walmart app, which may be more reliable when it comes to actually paying.

Reliability is a big issue as well, because as people flock to the Walmart website, many users are often met with “add to cart” buttons that don’t become clickable or checkout pages that refuse to load properly. In fact, Walmart can be a bit of a gamble when it comes to getting one of these units, but again, what doesn’t happen when demand exceeds supply so much?

So if you’re looking to disable the Xbox Series X, you have your chance at Walmart this afternoon. Those looking for an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 might want to check out our advice guide on purchasing a desired console, but other than that, good luck to all who will try to get the Xbox Series X from Walmart today.

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