Researchers produce a greatly improved structural battery

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology have produced a structural battery that they claim is ten times better than all previous versions. The structural battery contains carbon fiber that acts as an electrode, conductor, and carrier simultaneously. Scientists say the research breakthrough is paving the way for what they call “massless” energy storage in vehicles and other technologies.

The challenge facing electric cars like cars and airplanes today is that batteries make up a large portion of a vehicle’s weight. Despite the large weight of the batteries, they do not fulfill any carrying function. The structural battery acts as a power source and part of the vehicle’s body. For example, a file Structural battery It could be a car body or a fuselage.

Structured batteries are described as “massless” energy storage because the weight of the battery is lost when it can be part of the carrying chassis. According to the calculations, researchers believe that a structural battery can significantly reduce the weight of an electric vehicle. Researchers say that in addition to being rugged and robust, these batteries have an excellent ability to store energy chemically.

Scientists have been working on structural batteries since 2007, but they have not been able to manufacture batteries with good electrical and mechanical properties. This breakthrough is a significant step forward, as the team introduced a structural battery with characteristics far superior to anything previously seen in terms of storage capacity, ruggedness and strength. Its multifunctional performance is ten times higher than that of previous structural battery prototypes.

The team’s battery has an energy density of 24 Wh / kg, which gives it nearly 20 percent more capacity compared to the lithium-ion batteries available today. However, since the battery is a structural component, it reduces weight, which should equate to longer driving distances for electric vehicles.

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