Researchers are providing new insights into bird migration

During their seasonal migration, birds typically travel between breeding and non-breeding areas along migration routes combined in major flight paths, such as the Indo-European flight path between Europe and the Indian subcontinent. In a new study published in Journal of Biogeography, The investigators used modeling and tracking techniques to identify potential migration barriers and corridors within the Indo-European flight path, as well as adaptive bird behaviors that aid navigation along the route.

Lead author said, “For me, the study began years ago on the German Baltic Sea coast. Together with two co-authors Roland Neumann and Benjamin Metzger, we discovered and tracked common rose fillings with the aim of uncovering their exact winter locations.” Simeon Lesowski, Ph.D., Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, Germany. “Years later, we discovered that other researchers from all over Europe had done the same thing and that putting the tracks in perspective could produce more in-depth environmental insights than every study could provide. It was the merging of these pathways with data sets at the flight path level on climate. Habitat is a very insightful and exciting collaborative experience. “


International Day of Migratory Birds is May 8, 2021.

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