Razer Blade Pro 17 Update (Early 2021) is in effect

The newest giant in the world of Razer laptop computers updated this week in the Razer Blade Pro 17 (early 2021). This device comes in a variety of configurations, each with a 17.3-inch display panel and 8-core 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10875H processors (up to 5.1 GHz Max Boost). The biggest change made to these devices since their last iteration is the addition of the largest and best graphics in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series.

The Razer Blade Pro 17 (Early 2021) has a physical body that measures 0.78 inches thick x 10.24 inches x 15.55 inches thick. That’s 19.9mm x 260mm x 395mm, and it weighs around 6.06lbs or 2.75kg. All iterations of this new laptop are powered by a 70.5Wh battery.

The Razer Blade Pro 17 (early 2021) will be released with a starting price of $ 2,299 – for the base version. This is the version with 100% sRGB with a QHD IPS resolution of 165Hz.

All versions of this laptop work with 100% sRGB monitors except for the more expensive model, which works with 100% Adobe RGB. This more expensive model runs with a 120Hz, IPS-Grade touchscreen, with the same specs as the next more expensive model.

The two more expensive models have NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPUs inside with a 1 TB PCIe + open M.2 slot. It also features dual channel 32GB DDR4-2933MHz memory and all the benefits of any other version of the device.

Above you’ll see a complete spec sheet with prices for the six (!) Different configurations of this computer. The entire kit includes Chroma RGB per-switch, Wi-Fi 6E access, Thunderbolt 3 (via USB-C), 20V USB-C charger support with PD 3.0, UHD-III SD card reader, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 (USB-A) x3, USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 x2, HDMI 2.1 Output, 2.5GB RJ45 Ethernet. All models also work with Windows Hello IR HD (1MP / 720P) webcam.

The release dates for this next-generation Razer Blade 17 (early 2021) will be revealed in the near future. For now, you can peek at the rest of the Razer items that were unveiled this week at CES 2021.

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