Qualcomm may be planning to rival the Android 5G-based Nintendo Switch

There’s no shortage of bizarre rumors and reports in the consumer electronics industry, but every now and then, we get one that looks like it’s totally out of the left field. Today, one such rumor is running around, and it links Qualcomm as a potential competitor to Nintendo. Apparently, the SoC manufacturer is looking to make a competitor for the Nintendo Switch, and it might be here by this time next year.

So he says Android Police, Which reported today that Qualcomm is gearing up to release “a device that looks a lot like Nintendo’s popular Switch game console.” That’s enough to make anyone’s ears come alive, partly because we’re not used to Qualcomm’s consumer product offering, but also because there wasn’t really a direct competitor to the Nintendo Switch in terms of form factor.

Android Police spoke to anonymous sources who are familiar with Qualcomm’s plans, and they were able to view endless photos of the device in question on the website. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Android Police wasn’t able to actually post these images, but it describes the device in great detail, saying it will run on Android 12, and has detachable consoles similar to the Switch’s Joy-Cons, and that the device itself will resemble a thick and bulky smartphone. . The extra space inside is said to be geared toward saving a CPU that will improve heat and allow for a reasonably large 6000mAh battery.

The device will also be able to output to external displays just like the Switch, but the exact method it will use is unknown. Since it is running Android 12, it will host the Google Play Store, but if that thing really competes with the Switch, it probably won’t want to rely solely on Android games. This is where Qualcomm’s partners come into the picture, as the company “hopes” to get Epic to place the Epic Games Store on the device.

We’re also learning that the device can support 5G – and potentially give it an edge over the Nintendo Switch – and it’s being offered by carriers. With that in mind, Android Police doesn’t expect to offer mobile capabilities outside of cellular data, so we probably won’t be able to use this as a smartphone. Finally, Qualcomm appears to be targeting a $ 300 price point, which is the same as the Switch and Q1 release date 2022.

So, by this time next year, we could have a Qualcomm-based, Android-based competitor for the Nintendo Switch. Obviously, that’s way too far, so things can change every now and then, and this planned device will likely never see daylight. We’ll keep our eyes open for more and let you know if Qualcomm is making any official announcements in this regard.

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