PS5 and Xbox Series X restocking: Finally, Twitter is good for something

The PS5 and Xbox Series X restocking mode was disappointing to say the least. The problem of limited inventory is compounded by shopping with robots and the fact that some retailers do not allow in-store purchases. Stock is almost disappearing as quickly as it was listed, which is why Twitter might be the best tool at anyone’s disposal to have one of their hard-to-find consoles.

With inventory selling very quickly, you need to know that the second PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X consoles are for sale if you want to have one. With many retailers choosing to release ads only as soon as stock is available, this makes Twitter an invaluable tool.

Take retailer Antonline as an example. Earlier today, Antonline announced on Twitter that PS5 bundles were suddenly back in stock on its website. There was no warning that the PlayStation 5 would be back in stock early, and of course, those bundles sold out almost immediately. My only hope of getting one was to follow Antonline on Twitter and turn on notifications, otherwise you definitely missed this low stock.

There are some companies who routinely advertise restocking early, but for those who don’t, following them on Twitter is the best way to ensure you get a chance to have a console when they return to stock. Even keeping an eye on the retailers who make these ads in advance is still a good idea, as it lets you plan ahead and know when you need to be at your computer.

If you’re trying to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you should follow Walmart, GameStop, Antonline, and Best Buy retailers, as they have all tweeted stock alerts in the past. Bargain hunters like Wario64 are also good people to follow, especially because they’ll give you stock updates in special Sony and Microsoft stores (which is something the official PlayStation and Xbox accounts don’t do).

Other retailers like Target, B&H Photo, Amazon, Costco PS5, and Xbox Series X carries them, but they don’t seem to be tweeting about stock updates, although this is another example where the following bargain hunters like Wario64 can help. This is also a good time to remind you that regional retailers and supermarket chains (like Meijer here in the Midwest) are worth following, too, assuming they send out stock alerts via Tweets. Of course, the following companies on Twitter are just one thing you can do to increase your chances – for more information, see our guide on defeating bots and disabling the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

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