PS3, PS Vita, PSP tends to severe usage restrictions impending

When you buy an old PlayStation, you do so on the understanding that it won’t always have the same software support as it does now. You will still be able to play the games you have on the disc and the games you downloaded, but new digital games will not last forever. A rumor this week is that the Sony PlayStation 3 will join ranks 1 and 2 with “no digital game store available”.

Advice from The gamer Sony will announce the closure of its PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP stores of games and digital media this year – after the online store closes. Suggested lockdown times vary for the three devices.

The closing date for PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Sony PlayStation 3 Digital Store is July 2. The closing date for the PS Vita Digital Store is August 27, 2021. These dates have not been confirmed in a Sony press release – expected to be announced by the end of March 2021.

If you are looking to download digital games for your device, now is the time to do so. If you plan on purchasing physical games for these devices, now is also likely a good time to do so. Once digital game stores close, there will be an inevitable jump in prices for physical games … at least for a short time.

If you download digital versions of games from digital stores for these devices, make sure you understand the agreement it entered into with Sony regarding the longevity of said games. Once the games are downloaded and the stores are gone, you should keep the game files or risk losing the game forever.

There is also no specific guarantee that the games will continue to run after the store’s life ends. This doubles for games that require an internet connection.

On the other hand, physical games have a better chance of continuing you further into the future. The ones you can remove, keep in the drawer, and rediscover the years in the future. Assuming the console or mobile device will last for a long time. Cross your fingers, the third-party game developer community continues to support the strength and grandeur of these beautiful hardware of the future.

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