protest rises in Bristol, police officers injured

Following a demonstration against a bill that provides, in particular, to increase the powers of the police in the face of non-violent protests, Hundreds of people gathered around the Bridewell Police Station. Two officers were hospitalized, one with a broken arm and the other with broken ribs, Avon and Somerset police said in a statement on Twitter.

“What began as a peaceful protest has turned into a violent disorder with the action of a small minority,” said Will White, a police officer who spoke in the statement. “Absolutely embarrassing” scenes. “Officers have been subjected to considerable levels of violence and insults,” he added. Two police vehicles caught fire and there was damage outside the police station. Photos posted on the BBC website show a protester smashing the windows of the police station and fireworks exploding through the crowd.

Interior Minister Priti Patel denounced on Twitter “Unacceptable scenes in Bristol”. “Violence and disorder (committed) by a minority will never be tolerated. Our police are putting themselves in danger to protect us all,” he wrote. John Apter, national president of the Police Federation of England and Wales spoke of “horrible scenes in Bristol”.

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