President Macky Sall Declares National Mourning Thursday

The calm has returned somewhat, a week after the riots that bloodied Senegal. President Macky Sall announced the holding of a national mourning on Thursday, March 11, in honor of the five people killed in the demonstrations (official figure).

The president also announced “the end of the health state disaster“while Senegal has 36,000 cases, including 935 deaths from covid-19. A curfew was established in the Dakar and Thiès (west) regions.

“The flags will be at half mast on this day of communion, meditation and prayer for our dear departed,” said the government. The violence of the last few days has made at least five dead – Eleven according to the protest group, in the most serious problems that Senegal has known since 2012, known as the island of stability in West Africa.

The riots began after the arrest ofOusmane Sonko, third in the 2019 presidential elections and is expected to be one of the main candidates for the 2024 presidential elections. The politician was arrested and detained after a massage parlor employee filed a complaint against him for violation. Accused, he was eventually released under judicial supervision, ending the protests. Since then, Ousmane Sonko has been yelling a plot to remove him from the presidential race.

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