Portugal Announces General Reconfinement

Portugal, which had not decided on a second confinement in the autumn, unlike other European countries, has decided to implement this regime. throughout its territory as of Friday, January 15 and for a period of one month. The new sanitary restrictions will correspond “essentially” to those that had been decided in March and April, during the first confinement, said Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

But this time, schools will remain open, as well as courts or churches, specified the head of the socialist government. “The rule is simple: each one of us must stay at home,” he emphasized, thus confirming the closure of non-essential businesses, cafes and restaurants. Exceptionally, voters may vote in the first round of the presidential elections on January 24. On the other hand, the authorities will now demand a negative Covid-19 test for passengers disembarking at the country’s airports.

The curve got carried away after the holidays

Portugal had been relatively spared from the first wave of the pandemic, thanks to early full containment, but then found it more difficult to stop the second wave that swept through in the fall. The Portuguese authorities had imposed in November partial lockdowns and curfews in the most affected regions.

The capital Lisbon was already subject to a nightly curfew during the week, which begins at 1 p.m. on weekends. Furthermore, shops and restaurants, such as cultural or religious spaces, had had to restrict their hours, but had not closed their doors.

But, after easing these restrictions for the Christmas holidays, the transmission of the virus accelerated, and the country of ten million inhabitants reached new records this Wednesday, with 156 deaths and 10,556 cases detected In a day. According to data collected by Agence France-Presse from national authorities, Portugal was listed in sixth largest country in the world for the number of new infections compared to your population over the past seven days.

A week ago, the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, was concerned about seeing the country’s hospitals under “enormous pressure”, which has not stopped increasing since then, with just over 4,200 people hospitalized on Wednesday, including almost 600 in intensive care.

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