Pokemon Presents Confirmation For This Week: What To Expect

this year PokemonIts 25th anniversary, and while The Pokemon Company has indicated it has big plans for this year, it hasn’t revealed any of them yet. We might finally take a look at the company’s plans for PokemonThe 25th of this week, as a new Pokemon presentation was announced. While Pokemon didn’t tell us what to expect from the presentation, we could take some educated guesses.

Before we dive into these guesses, here are the details you should know: Pokemon Corporation has confirmed that this Pokemon Presents show will air tomorrow, Feb.26, at 7 a.m. PST / 10 a.m. EST on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. The company also says it will take “about 20 minutes.” Pokemon news, “without disclosing any other details.

There are a few Pokemon Projects in the pipeline and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them during tomorrow’s show. These include Pokemon Slip And the Pokemon Unite, and the latter is prof Pokemon– MOBA themed for Switch, Android and iOS. Only last week we learned that Pokemon Unite It will get an Android beta test next month, so it’s ready for more details during the Pokemon Presents broadcast tomorrow.

Other than that, it looks like we’re likely in some new game ads to see how Pokemon sword and shield Mainly at this point. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Recycle has been rumored for years, so may we finally see it? Pokemon could surprise us and announce a brand new flagship Pokemon Games, but that seems unlikely given that Sword and shield She is only about a year and a half old at this point.

We’ll just have to turn to tomorrow and see what Pokemon is up against. One thing to note is that Game Freak is currently distributing Pikachu who knows step Sing in Sword and shield – You can see Pikachu in action in the short trailer above and claim it by entering the password “P25MUSIC” in the Mystery Gift menu. Aside from that, check back here tomorrow morning to cover the Pokemon Presents show.

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