Pokemon GO Research offers advice on tropical shells and Beach Glass

Rare souvenirs are some of the strangest items in Pokemon GO. They weren’t present when the game was launched, and they looked very strange to people who only played this version of the game at the time. Now, in addition to Pokemon, Rare Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, and Pokemon that only appear at certain times or on certain locations, we have items as well. Researchers at The Silph Road have discovered some interesting data about these bits in the game.

Back in December of 2019, Pokemon GO had an update that added commemorative items to the Buddy Pokemon feature for the game. Both Ultra and Best Friends were able to find souvenir items and hand them to you, as their owner. Now, with over 14,000 souvenirs collected in one research experiment and 96 complete shells and glasses appearing between them, we clearly have some rare denominations.

Of the more than 14,000 souvenirs collected by the researchers, a total of 28 glassy beaches and a total of 68 tropical shells were found. Together, these two components make up approximately 0.7% of the total span. If you find one of these souvenirs, keep it!

Where to find beach glass and tropical seashells

It’s not difficult to pinpoint where these items might fall, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever find one. According to research done by people who work with The Silph Road, you’ll find tropical shells on the coast and a glassy beach on the beach.

It could be that simple. Pokemon GO works with data from OpenStreetMap (OSM), which contains markers for different sections of the map. There’s a tag called “Natural = Coastline” and another called “Natural = Beach” that we’re looking at here.

These area signs are exactly what you’d expect. If you walk in an area that’s clearly a beach – with sand that you can use to create a sand castle – there’s a chance your Pokemon GO buddy will find a beach glass. If you walk along the edge of a major water body, such as a river or lake, you are likely to be in an OSM designated shoreline area, and there is a chance you will find a tropical shell.

Even when you’re in these areas, your chances of finding beach glass or a tropical seashell are slim. According to the study by The Silph Road, the scarcity of Tropical Shell base along the coast is only 5.46%, while Beach Glass on the shore is rare at 2.85%.

good luck to you! And if you are anywhere near water – chances are – you will most likely find a stone to step over. Cross your fingers for fewer stones, more glasses, and more shells!

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