Pokemon GO referral program revealed, with icons

There will be a Pokemon GO referral program being launched in the very near future by Niantic, the game’s creators. Just like many features released in the game over the past few years, Niantic’s new referral program will provide benefits to users in exchange for interacting with other users, making the game more popular and maintaining Pokemon GO business model. This referral program doesn’t seem to have anything to do with real cash or rewards at all.

The Pokemon GO referral program will focus on the “rewards” given to users “whether it’s their first time playing or returning after a break.” Users who return to the game or start the game as a direct result of the referrer will receive rewards over time. The referrer will also receive rewards as the indicated player progresses into the game.

In the end Disassemble APK From the game, there will be new badges in the game for referrals. There will also be a new referral job. There will be rewards of all kinds!

The referral program for this game will be launching like many of the major updates for Pokemon GO – in waves. The first region where this system will be launched is Australia. Users who are already in the game in Australia will receive Referral Codes that they can share with friends and colleagues. These codes are likely to operate across borders – but they will all be launched within Australia immediately.

When a friend uses a token, they will receive “rewards like Pokemon encounters, rare treats, incubators, and more as they reach milestones in their adventure”. Both friends will receive the aforementioned rewards – although we’re not currently sure if this means they’ll be getting similar rewards at the same time – we’ll see!

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