Pokemon GO Mystery Box release is a very rare game this week

This week there will be a special celebration in Pokemon GO. This special celebration focuses on the crossover between Pokemon GO and Pokemon HOME. To enhance the new capabilities of Pokemon HOME for Pokemon GO, Niantic has launched a new Mystery Box for user across the planet.

Niantic and The Pokemon Company have revitalized the relationship between Pokemon GO and the rest of the Pokemon universe with Pokemon HOME, starting last week. This call is not available for all coaches yet, but it will be “within a period of time”. This is Niantic’s language for the release and that means you’ll have it when you get it. It is launched in waves to make sure it will work for everyone as soon as possible.

The Pokemon GO x Pokemon HOME special event will include searches of several genres. Includes one interim research package at Pidgeot Mega Energy as a bonus. The field search will also be in a game of meet-ups with “Slowpoke et al” – and hopefully, the “others” are more interesting than Slowpoke!

Update: This event will also include Gible Meetings (in Timed Research). Raids will include Alolan Vulpix, Slowpoke, Magnemite, Shinx, Timburr and Klink. Pokemon Egg (5 km) will include Nidoran, Nidoran ♂, Slowpoke, Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep and Anorith.

The event will feature a batch of Pokemon that will appear in the wild more than usual. These popular Pokemon include: Alolan Sandshrew, Zubat, Alolan Diglett, Slowpoke, Magnemite, Ditto, Porygon, Hoothoot, Remoraid, Whismur, Lileep, Anorith, Cottonee, and Foongus.

If you’re already rolling with a Mega Pidgeot, make it count! During this event proceedings Mega Pidgeot will receive a CP boost!

One Niantic official wrote, “Make sure you activate the Mystery Box during this time, you may encounter Shiny Meltan! It looks like these Shiny Meltan will go into hiding after this event ends.” If you want to know the potential possibilities of finding Shiny Meltan during and after the event, we’ve taken a look at the most authoritative research on the topic to date – peek for yourself at the latest Shiny Pokemon GO modifiers as researched by The Silph Road.

On Tuesday 17 November 2020, the Mystery Box will be activated. The special event starts next, at 8 AM (local time), and will continue until Monday 23 November 2020, 10 PM (also local time). Make sure to enter and face this mystery box while you get a chance!

You’ll also find Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion available in five-star raids for a short period of time in the remainder of the HOME event. These five-star raids will appear from Monday November 16, 2020, 1:00 p.m. through Tuesday November 24, 2020, 1:00 p.m. PST (GMT 8).

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