PlayStation Store is losing movies and TV shows later this year

Sony today revealed that some big changes will appear in the PlayStation Store later this year. Nothing will change about how games are purchased through the PlayStation Store, but this summer, you will lose the option to purchase movies and TV shows through it. This also applies to rentals, so Sony seems to be making a clean break from movies and TV shows altogether.

Today’s announcement is in summary form PlayStation Blog Mail. Sony cites “the explosive growth of PlayStation fans who use subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services” on platforms such as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as the reason for this decision. Movies and TV shows will disappear from the PlayStation Store on August 31, 2021, so we’ve got less than six months to this day.

Fortunately, access to movies and TV shows that you have already purchased will still be available after the PlayStation Store drops them. You will be able to view anything you have purchased as video on demand, and will not be able to make new purchases. In its blog post today, Sony is not indicating that purchased content will not be accessed at any time in the future, which might be a relief for those who own extensive media libraries through the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Store has seen some dramatic changes in recent months. Prior to the PlayStation 5 launch, Sony announced that it was removing the ability to purchase PS3, PSP and PS Vita games and add-ons from the desktop and mobile versions of the Store. Moreover, it has removed the ability to purchase or claim PS4 apps, themes, and avatars from the desktop and mobile stores, although all of these apps can still be purchased by accessing the PlayStation Store from the respective platforms.

In the end, it appears Sony has been trying to simplify the PlayStation Store experience in the PlayStation 5 era. Movie & TV Count Day is August 31, 2021, so make any last-minute purchases you might have been thinking before then.

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