PlayStation Play at Home offers free games led by Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony revived its PlayStation Play at Home promo this month by giving away free copies of Ratchet and clank For the PS4 (which is still available if you haven’t claimed it yet), and the company is now clarifying what’s next for Play at Home. When Sony announced its comeback in February, it confirmed that it would have more free gifts to distribute to PlayStation players, but few of us would have imagined it would give up as many games as it announced today.

Starting March 25, Sony will be rolling out a list of indie titles. AbzoAnd the Enter GungeonAnd the Infinite rezAnd the SupnauticaAnd the witnessAnd the Astronomical robots rescue missionAnd the mossAnd the Thumper, And the Paper monster They will be free to claim and continue to start on 25 at 8 PM PDT / 11 PM EST, and will be available through April 22 8 PM PDT / 11 PM EST

It’s an impressive mix of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games, so be sure to claim it during the month that it’s free. In addition to offering these free games, Sony is offering a three-month extended trial period for Funimation. It starts on March 25th and runs through April 22 too, so be sure to claim that when you add this batch of games to your library.

We’ll have to wait until April for the most free gift we can say. Starting April 19 at 8 PM PDT / 11 PM EST until May 14 at the same time, PlayStation users will be able to claim Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. This, as the title suggests, comes with the base game along with every DLC released for it, so if you are a patient gamer with regards to Horizon of zero dawn, It seems your decision to wait is paying off a lot.

Sony says it will have more to share soon, but it is unclear if that means more content reduction in the future. We’ll let you know when Sony announces more, but in the meantime, be sure to claim Ratchet and clank Before this offer ends on March 31 at 8 PM PDT.

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