PlayStation owners are frustrated that the PSN hiatus extends over the weekend

A number of PlayStation owners reported issues playing certain games starting Friday. Shortly after the reports began to appear, Sony updated its PlayStation Network status to indicate that it was experiencing issues in the “Games and Social” category – an issue that continued through Saturday through Sunday with no apparent respite in sight.

Sony acknowledged PSN had problems, but has since remained silent on the issue. It is unclear when to expect a fix for a problem and what lies behind the problems. The problem revolves around the gameplay on the network, which makes it difficult to enter online matches in some games such as It is an electronic game.

Down detector It continues to appear Issues with PSN, with reports staying flat around midnight ET through Sunday. The majority of reports from users point to issues with playing games, although a large portion also indicates that they have problems logging into their PlayStation accounts.

Likewise, some PlayStation owners also report issues with the platform’s social features, which include things like messages and parties. Sony notes on its PSN Status website that this issue affects PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as the old PS Vita and PS3 portable console.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first PlayStation Network outage that lasted for days; It’s hard to guess when the solution will finally arrive. The disconnection only occurred a day after Microsoft encountered similar issues with its Xbox services, but that issue was quickly resolved.

You can monitor the disconnection on Sony PlayStation Network Website Status.

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