PlayStation Direct might be the best PS5 restocking option this week

If you are looking to secure a PlayStation 5 console, your best bet this week is PlayStation Direct. Sony’s direct selling site has always been a popular choice for those looking to purchase a PlayStation 5, but this week in particular seems to have been a very active one for it. PlayStation Direct has restocked consoles twice in a row this week, and that may indicate that there will be more PlayStation 5 consoles on offer as the weekend approaches.

Before getting too optimistic, it should be clear that this is just speculation on my part – I don’t have any inside information about when Sony plans to restock the PlayStation Direct site, but the fact that it was restocked twice this week (today and yesterday) could be Likely Means more controllers are on the way. It’s as good a sign as we should get it, anyway.

Unfortunately, even if more controllers are on the way, it’s not easy to know when Sony will list them. The queue opened today and yesterday around the same time in the middle of the afternoon, so this might be a safe time to start checking tomorrow and Friday. Sony, unfortunately, doesn’t really give a nudge when it comes to PlayStation Direct restocking, so you’ll definitely need a bit of luck if you’re going to be on the waiting list in time.

This waitlist is exactly what attracts buying with PlayStation Direct. Everyone who tries to visit the PlayStation 5 list on PlayStation Direct first will be put on hold, and the bottleneck of the number of people going through the checkout process helps greatly. If you are lucky enough to get past the queue while there are still PlayStation 5 consoles in stock, getting through the checkout process and completing the order is actually a lot easier and less stressful than it is with other retailers.

So, if you’re looking to buy a PlayStation 5, PlayStation Direct might be your best bet for the rest of the week. We’ll see if another restocking happens tomorrow, but for now, check out our advice guide for securing either Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

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