PlayStation 5 got a surprise restocking today

If you are in the market to buy a PlayStation 5, you might want to switch to Best Buy ASAP. The company appears to have restocked the consoles, and as it usually does, it is putting people on hold as it slowly restores inventory. That, of course, means you might have better luck getting a PlayStation 5 from Best Buy than anywhere else, because at least it’s not a crazy dash where everyone is trying to buy a console at once.

When you visit the PlayStation 5 menu on Best Buy Now, you should see a gray “Please Wait” button. If you see this, the controllers are still in stock, and you will need to monitor them until they turn into the yellow “Add to cart” button. When that happens (or rather if), you’ll be able to add it to your cart and proceed through the checkout.

It’s clear from Best Buy that just seeing the yellow ‘Add to Cart’ button doesn’t mean your console is booked, although it will be booked during the checkout process. This should mean that if you can make the checkout using a console in your cart, you should be able to purchase it, but of course, there are no guarantees when trying to purchase one of these required hardware.

On the other hand, if you visit that page and receive a gray “Sold Out” button, this obviously means that Best Buy is out of stock and will not sell any more. In the popup tooltip that appears above the “Please wait” button, Best Buy says it will release a new stock every few minutes, so even if you arrive on the list late, there is a chance of getting stock.

Both standard PlayStation 5 And the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition It appears to be in stock at the moment, so if you’re going to try to have one, good luck. We’ll let you know when these controllers are restocked elsewhere, so stay tuned for more.

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