Pilling your pet: Readers share their sweet and fun pics

There is one task to take care of many pets
dog Their owners just hate their canines:
Give them pills. Many dogs do not like the smell or taste of the medicine and are quick to spit, which can be frustrating to their owners. Fortunately, there is a simple way to make pill time more enjoyable for everyone: hide his medication in Milk-Bone.
® Pill bags. The pill bag will mask the smell and taste of most drugs and will make you
dog I guess it just gets delicious chicken or a bacon-flavored smoked nut flavor.

To prove the taste of bone-in milk
® Pill bags, we asked our readers and
Facebook lovers To share the funny thing or clever trick their dog does when it comes time to take the pill. We picked our favorite stories, and in return, selected readers were given a free Milk-Bone bag
® Pill bags. So, without further ado, he met eight dogs
You sit downAnd dance and shake for this dessert.

The tricks that dogs will do to get a beanbag

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