PetNest Premium Natural Coconut Fiber sterilized for nesting birds and young animals

price: 260.00 QR – 170.00 S.R
(As of January 14, 2021 06:06:58 UTC – details)

Add insulating and nesting materials to your bird crates with our premium quality wood chips. The 100 percent coconut fiber helps insulate the eggs and prevents them from circulating at the bottom of the house. It also stays soft for birds, and does not fall off like sawdust when wet. These one-gallon bags are ideal for replenishing items in a single bird’s house. Provide birds with natural, non-toxic nesting materials. Avoid small synthetic fibers like yarn and thread materials like hair. These fibers can get tangled around a bird’s feet, toes, and other parts of the body, causing damage and loss of limbs and even death. Also avoid hay, soil, moss, eucalyptus leaves, and corn cob (which can lead to fungal growth). How to use – To start running birds, place a little bit of nesting material inside their nest and place the rest around the enclosure to aggregate (eG on the floor of the cage, but not under any perches so the material isn’t getting dirty). Some husbands will not start laying eggs until their nest is built to their liking, so keep providing the nesting material until the nest is complete.

Good for finches and young animals
Good for cocktails, small parrots, parakeets and birds
Good for small birds

Animal Bird Supplies Coconut Fiber Nesting Natural PetNest Premium Small Sterilized

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