PetNest 450gm Hamster Bath Sand, Gerbil Powder Grooming Sands For Little Friends Farm, Small Bath Potty, Litter Sand (Hamster Sand) (Hamster Bath Sand)

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Small Animal Dust For Small Animals – Natural, pure cleaning sand for cleaning DEGUS, HAMSTERS, GERBIL HAPPY PET BATHING SAND PetNest Bathing Sand is 100% natural snow white silica sand, does not add any natural fragrance, pure and completely white dust free and also absorbent Naturally.It is the choice of many small animal show owners for a perfect coat condition. Our little pets deserve better. It’s fun for our little pet to play in and the purest natural pumice cleanser for our pet! Young animals should be bathed in sand every day. Put bath sand in a high-sided box or cat litter tray and let our little animals roll in it. All-natural sand – The importance of a sand bath Bath sand is essential for some small animals, it is a gentle treatment for others, and the most effective shower dust is to clean and protect the fur and skin of our small animals, hamsters, gerbils or digos. Young animals, hamsters, and grouse should have a regular sand bath. They will totally have fun and the sand will help leave coats healthy and clean by removing excess oils. It is the choice of many small animal show owners to have the perfect coat condition, and veterinarians and breeders also believe that bath dust for small animals is essential for a healthy coat for your little pet! Young animals should be bathed in sand every day. Clean up in time and replace, allow your pet to bathe for up to 10-20 minutes at a time to help prevent dry skin. Remove dirty sand immediately and change the sand at least once a week. Note: Hamsters should not be washed in water because their coats absorb water and are very difficult to dry, and the water in the fur may cause the body temperature to drop, which could lead to death.
❤ It is the choice of many small animal display owners for a perfect coat condition.
Pets will fully enjoy and sand will help keep their coats healthy by removing excess oils.
❤Keeps your pet entertained for hours and also use this small animal grooming sand as a potty training kit for small animals, hedgehog, guinea pig, etc.
❤ PACKAGE INCLUDE: One bag 490g of bath sand This hamster bath sand is made of natural sand, just let it dry and it will not expire.

450g Animals Bathing Bathing Dust Farm Friends Grooming Hamster Litter PetNest Potty Sand Powder SandGerbil Small Animals Small Supplies

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