Peter Raven touches on the dwindling resources of the earth, and the value of informed communication with science

The biology The Conversations podcast features discussions of topical issues related to the biological sciences.

In the professional installment of the magazine biologyOral History Series of “In Their Own Words”, Honorary President of Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter Raven, sheds light on many topics, and shares ideas regarding the sustainability of human civilization, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of science in facing the world’s biggest challenges.
Raven, who recently co-authored the book Call to Action: Organizing Science for Society, highlights the importance of engaging with the public in overcoming deep-rooted societal problems. Among them, he argues that our current economic system “sees natural productivity like any other commodity,” as something that grows in proportion to demand. “Guess what, it’s not. It has real limits. The limit is known as planet Earth,” Raven says.
Raven continues to argue that young scientists, having crafted a strong framework of skills in their field, should turn their attention to public participation, to “understand what is really happening in the world, to try to act on it, to try to act upon it personally in terms of consumption and standards.” Other, and act on it in terms of the people we elect and the international choices we make. ”
By discussing his own contributions, Raven explains that he hopes his work will continue to lead the Missouri Botanical Garden during the expansion period in the future: “I would like this global outreach and that global service and this understanding between people and between nations, recognizing that we are not all competing with each other, but we are. We all seek to achieve a common goal and we must nurture and encourage each other, so that we remember it. “
Dr. Raven’s biography, “Driven by Nature,” will be published jointly with University of Chicago Press and the Missouri Botanical Garden in March 2021.


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