Pascual’s journey, who came from Guatemala and separated from his family for 2 years

For several weeks, thousands of children flock to the southern border of the United States.
They come from Central America. And among them there are many minors. To understand what is happening, let’s evoke the story of a 9-year-old boy, born in Guatemala, thanks to a remarkable report from the Washington Post, which begins at the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida.

Pascual, 9, is about to return to Guatemala. He cries because he leaves his adoptive parents and siblings, but he is happy because he will be reunited with his biological parents. Pascual grew up in a town of 60 houses, high up, near the border with Mexico. Help his parents pick lemons. It has a younger brother and a sister.

In May 2019, a cousin, Marcos, comes to see them. He was arrested while trying to enter the United States illegally. where his father already lives. He asks Pascual’s father if he can take the child. Because he heard that American customs would let him pass if he was with a child. In exchange, he offers parents the equivalent of $ 13.

Only in the United States

The parents refuse at first, but the cousin insists that he does not have the only solution. so that your child has a decent future. The father gives in, the mother follows him, but is devastated the day her son leaves. Two buses and a motorcycle later find himself at the border, go through a hole in a fence, plunge into the Colorado.

Once reached the other side, are handed over to border police officers. Thanks to a false birth certificate, which indicates that Marco is Pascual’s father. And since he already has family in the United States, they pass. Which is already an achievement since we are in the Trump years with a restrictive immigration policy.

So let’s go to Florida, but it’s far from a dream life. Pascual does not go to school and his cousin often returns from his job at the construction sites drunk and angry.. And he even hits the boy. Fortunately, social services have been alerted.

As a result of this report, Pascual is placed with a family and the cousin is expelled.
And when I return to town, in Guatemala, Little Pascual’s parents understand that their son, who is barely 8 years old, is now alone in the United States.. Fortunately, Pascual finally has a bit of luck. The host family takes good care of him. He gets along well with his adoptive siblings, goes to school, and begins to speak English.

A two-year journey

And in the meantime, have his parents heard from him? They managed to contact an association that brings together separate children and parents. And then one Christmas day, the Florida family gets a call.
Pascual sees his father and mother appear. Your last knowledge that you made a mistake no matter the money, your child has to go home.

After some administrative and legal twists, one day (we see it in a video) the host family tells Pascual that he will be able to return. He is very happy. His classmates give him a book in which they say they love him and wish him good luck.

Almost two years after letting him go, his family is reunited with Pascual. Find her house, which is more of a cabin. It is less comfortable but it is at home. This beautiful report said a lot better than any statistic These complex situations have a denominator: those who leave home never do it for pleasure.

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