Parler has been removed from Play Store, App Store and possibly Amazon servers

It has been a very tough week for the social networking app Parler with ban from Play and App Store. As I mentioned the edge The firm’s attorneys started ditching the company as well.

This comes on the heels of violence at the Capitol building last week that led to Donald Trump losing his Twitter account. Facebook has also responded with harsh measures against the president. All this comes after a mass campaign to combat disinformation from social media platforms during the elections.

Parler comes in on this for not following the trend of mainstream social media platforms and taking action to stop the spread of disinformation. The app has been consistently criticized for allowing extremist content and harming conspiracy theories on the platform.

After the attacks on the Capitol, Apple demanded that the app establish new moderation policies. However, Google went one step further and banned Play Store and Parler due to its lack of measures as stated. Android Police.

Parler faces big problems after the Capitol violence

As previously reported BuzzFeed, That Amazon will cut off Parler for its cloud hosting service. This means that unless the app can find another hosting service, it will shut down this Sunday.

Extremists and conspiracy theorists prefer Parler due to its lack of moderation and organization. This means the platform is full of content that you will never find on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

The popularity of the social media platform has grown over the past year. This happened as other platforms thwarted moderation efforts to push some users to other apps. However, this has all reached its peak with Amazon and others deciding to pull the plug on the platform.

Parler CEO responded to the issues with a slightly different stance than that. He described the various bans as “a coordinated attack by tech giants to kill competition in the market.” He claims Parler was “very successful very quickly”.

To add further problems to Parler, it appears that even her attorneys have begun to jump off the sinking ship. Parler CEO John Matzi said all vendors and attorneys abandoned the company on the same day as the ban.

Matzi said the company is having trouble finding a new vendor to host the app. He believes that without the approval of Apple and Google vendors they are unlikely to deal with the app.

Overall, it appears that Parler’s commitment to complete freedom of expression regardless of the harm he caused could have ended their lives as an application. Matzi thinks the company will rebuild from scratch but that looks increasingly difficult at the moment. This is due to the fact that most of the larger companies would refuse to do business with Parler.

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