Ovexo Power Strip 4 Socket Electrical Adapter Socket Included Overload Protection 1.5m Travel Adapter Extension Wire Extension Board 4 Sockets Surge Protector (White)

price: 1499.00 S.R 509.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 27, 2021 02:05:08 UT – details)

OFIXO Want to protect your electronic equipment from surges? Do you have a number of devices that connect directly to the power outlets? It is recommended that you plug your tools into a spike shield or power connector. OFIXO sockets are designed to be compatible with Indian and International plugs and devices. It comes with a master on / off switch, indicator light and 5m cord for easy daily use. Voltage: 240 VAC, 50 Hz AC, Power: 1500 W (Max), Current: 6 A.

Socket Type: International plug suitable for various types of plugs used around the world
Safety shutter: Equipped with a safety shutter for children. Ensures the safety of your loved ones from electric shocks
Suitable for home, office, computer, DVD and TV

Power cord adapter board electrical extension wiring included OFIXO scale overload port overload protection plug power protection plug travel surge socket strip white

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