Outriders prepares in-game giveaways as an apology for connection issues upon launch

It’s safe to say so Outriders He had experienced something like a rock launch. While there appears to be a lot of interest in Outriders, there was just so much in the game’s opening weekend and first week of availability that players only reported recently resolved connection issues. Nobody likes to experience connectivity issues in games they were looking to play, so as an olive branch for a frustrated community, Square Enix has announced that it will deliver it all. Outriders Players Community Appreciation Pack.

As the name suggests, the package will give some items to players who have stuck with the game during server issues. Whoever played Outriders Between March 31 and April 11 (based on UTC time zone), you’ll receive three items in total: a legendary weapon of an adequate level, an adequate amount of titanium, and an expression titled “frustration.” Square Enix says it’s just a coincidence despite the fact that it fits the mood perfectly. good.

These items will be handed out to the players’ higher-level characters, and even those who have played out of the window but still have “automatic restore to clear inventory” in their account will also receive these items. One thing to note is that these Community Appreciation Pack plans are not yet finalized – Says Square Enix Its intention is to provide these elements to players, but “details are subject to change based on what is technically feasible” for the studio.

With that in mind, Square Enix doesn’t have a timeline for when these products will be delivered, so we don’t know when we can expect these freebies in-game yet. in a Separate topic Posted to Reddit today, Square Enix explains what caused connectivity issues and how the company worked to solve them.

So, for now, there’s a lot less known about this community appreciation pack, but assuming everything works the way Square Enix intends, Outriders Players should have received the aforementioned items too long beforehand. We’ll let you know when Square Enix offers an update on the Community Recognition Pack, so stay tuned for more.

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