Outrage over the death of a black man beaten by security guards

A case reminiscent of George Floyd. The death of a black man beaten by white security agents on Thursday, November 19, in a Carrefour group supermarket in Porto Alegre (south) unleashed a wave of outrage in Brazil. The country is celebrating Black Awareness Day this Friday.

A video recorded by a witness, transmitted by the media and on social networks, shows the moment when Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas, 40, is hit multiple times in the face by one of the agents while the other held him. In other images, we can see the emergency services performing a heart massage on the man lying in front of a supermarket entrance. Died on the spot.

According to the military police, the victim allegedly threatened a supermarket employee who called the security guards. The two attackers were arrested. One of them is a military police officer who works for the private security company after hours.

The Brazilian subsidiary of the Carrefour group lamented the “brutal death” of Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas and declared that it will take “the appropriate measures to hold those involved in this criminal case responsible.”

Outrage on social networks

This tragic event sparked outrage on social media and was at the center of rallies scheduled for Friday on Black Awareness Day, a holiday in several states.

“Carrefour security guards beat Beto, a black man, for banality, for evil, for hatred. We fight for a less hateful society, more tolerant and less armed, precisely to avoid that ”, tweeted Josué Tavares, lawyer and member of the UN for human rights and gender equality.

“It seems there is no way out. Even on Black Consciousness Day.”, lamented Richarlison, the Metis striker of the Seleçao who evolves in Everton (English 1st division). “They beat a black man to death in front of the cameras. Violence and hatred have lost all modesty,” he added, chanting the names of Brazilians Joao Pedro, 14, and Evaldo Santos, a 51-year-old musician, as well like that of the American George Floyd, referring to other black men who died as a result of police violence.

In Brazil, the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery in 1888, more than half of the 212 million inhabitants are black or mestizo. According to the “Atlas of Violence” published last August, The number of black murders increased by 11.5% between 2008 and 2018, while among non-blacks it decreased by 12.9% in the country.

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