Our tips to detoxify your body every day

Here are our simple daily tips for optimal health.

TO detoxification is not a diet, is simply eating certain food which will benefit your body. Cleaning your body It will allow you to restore mental and physical energy to make your days amazing!

But where do I start?

1) Lemon water

Upon waking, drink a large glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice. Will wake up your body while purifying and cleaning that. This very easy action is used in all detoxification withdrawals! lemon stimulates the cleaning of the gallbladder and therefore reddens waste out of. Also helps digestion.

two) Go green

Chlorophyll-Rich vegetables naturally help restore the digestive Balance. To get better digestion and increase good gut bacteria, you should prioritize vegetables in your diet.

3) Be active

This time, let’s really look for an enjoyable physical activity that we stick to! Fast exercise is better because it allows you to remove more toxins and burn more calories. Your liver will convert fat to sugar to give Energy for you muscles. Exercising makes you sweat and thus eliminate toxins. Steam baths and saunas are also recommended for detoxify you body.

4) Limit processed foods

Fresh and unprocessed products are richer in vitamins Y minerals. Processed foods often have too much fat, sugar, and salt, which creates a large amount of toxins in our bodies. Let’s clean out our pantries and refrigerators, take a closer look at labels, and rediscover a diet full of flavors and nutrients.

5) Get some fresh air!

After a heavy food, it is recommended to get some fresh air because oxygenation removes many toxins. Whenever you can, you should go for a short digestive walk in an area that is as green and less polluted as possible.

6) Make sleep a priority

A long night’s sleep allows the body Chill out, helps fasting and, of course, makes you feel energetic. Staying away from screens at least an hour before bed also helps improve sleep quality.

7) Reduce animal products

Reduce the intake of animal products: animal products (cheeses, cold cuts, fatty meats …) are acidifying the body. High in fat, they are difficult to digest. Let’s prioritize proteins of vegetable origin, low-fat yogurts, white meats …

8) Eat detoxifying foods

Put detoxifying foods on your plate to help you flush out excess toxins built up by your body. Plants are highly recommended.

Avocado, beetroot, watercress, cabbage, apple, buckwheat, tofu, pink grapefruit, artichoke, garlic, leek …

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