Our 10 TOP foods for a healthy snack

Aperitif time, a true moment of sharing

In France, more than elsewhere,appetizer The party occupies a very special place. After work, it can act as an icebreaker for new recruits. As a family, it is the perfect time to talk and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. And what better than a light snack to start a meal with friends?

In short, there is always a good reason to organize a appetizer greedy.

Also, take a appetizer it’s not just about snacking on pistachios and chips. It is a true moment of sharing and conviviality to release all the pressure accumulated throughout the day. And this, all in simplicity. So why not enjoy it?

Healthy snack

Our top 10 foods for a healthy snack

the appetizers they often have a reputation for being too fatty, too salty, too heavy. In short, anything that is not good for your health. And yet it is quite possible to prepare a healthy snack and light, without breaking your head.

Kazidomi brings you today her 10 best foods to favor a balanced appetizer, but delicious to help you.

1. Appetizer balls with tomato and organic basil (Funky Veggie)

Puffed chickpeas as a basic ingredient and herbs to restore a little freshness, what better thanFunky Veggie Snack Balls to add some energy to your appetizer between friends.

100% natural, organic and vegan friendly, you can taste these crunchy nuggets (without feeling guilty, of course). The recipe was also reduced in fat (-60% compared to snack cookies ordinary) and contains no added sugars, additives, preservatives or gluten.

2. Pitted green olives (La Vache)

A healthy snack it doesn’t need to be too fancy. Of course, we will not do without the classics, but here we are talking about quality olives.

La Vache Green Olives are as delicious as they are nutritious! They are also from organic farming. What to get the most out of all the antioxidant and omega-3 benefits they offer during a feast.

3. Onion sponge cake with organic smoked paprika (five without)

In search of cookies as good as healthy? So, go for the Organic Smoked Paprika Onion Cracker. The Cinq Sans brand has also earned a small reputation in terms of healthy snack cookies and gourmet, whose composition is lactose free, gluten free, egg free, refined sugar free and trans fat free.

Therefore, this cookie is an excellent choice for healthy snack, Not to mention the simply savory and spicy taste!

4. Classic 3-seed cookies

Sesame, flax, and sunflower seeds offer impressive health effects. Well, Dr. Karg combines them in Classic 3 Seed Crackers, snack cookies greedy and crispy.

You can then consume omega 3 and 6, while enjoying a moment of sharing with your family, friends or colleagues.

5. Organic breadsticks from Timilia Siciliana

If you are looking for a cookie nibble for one healthy snack and balanced, then TIMILIA breadsticks are a great option. The ingredients are from organic farming.

Their texture is so crunchy that it is pleasant to bite into, but they are also high in fiber.

6. Almond appetizer with organic rosemary from Provence (Bedouin)

Almonds and rosemary make a great mix when it comes tohealthy snack and light. If you want to enjoy this unique and authentic flavor, simply opt for Bedouin almonds with rosemary and appetizer.

Crunchy almonds (and organic!) Very tasty, enhanced with rosemary from Provence. They will easily find their place in your appetizer.

7. Black olive creams (Kazidomi)

Fan of Provençal cuisine? So why not include the traditional ones? tapenades in your healthy snack?

In addition, you can taste our preparation based on black olives and extra virgin olive oil. Fresh products directly from Italy, gathered in a cream of black olives to liven up your aperitifs with family and friends.

Light appetizer

8. Aubergine tapenades with caviar and pesto

Add a touch of sophistication to your light snack with Eggplant Caviar and pesto tapenades. No need to fly, these two preparations will take you to the Mediterranean.

To enhance your salty verrines, complete the flavor of your small croissants, enhance the flavor of your aperitif vegetables or simply spread on toast, these two products will surprise your guests.

9. Chickpea Fries (Aline & Olivier)

The Aline & Olivier brand is a benchmark in organic potato chips. So it’s no wonder to find their chickpea fries on this list. Without palm oil and 100% natural, they are an excellent option for a balanced appetizer.

10. Bulk Cashew Nuts (Kazidomi)

For healthy snack, cashews are a safe bet. As rich in flavor as they are in nutrients, they will add a crunchy touch to your dinner appetizer, while taking care of your health.

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