Otterbox now makes mobile gaming accessories

Playing games on the go with mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular thanks to services like Stadia, and Otterbox wants to make sure your gaming setup is protected by a line of new mobile accessories.

Of course, mobile games were well popular before services like Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, Shadow, or GeForce Now came along, but the new accessories from Otterbox definitely work well with these settings.

Otterbox’s new line of gaming-related accessories includes five different products. Not all of them are fully available for purchase yet. However, the pre-order will be raised in the near future.

Otterbox mobile gaming accessories launch in mid-February

Otterbox aims to bring its new accessories to the market in the middle of next month. The company confirmed that all accessories have a shipment date of mid-February.

But if you can’t wait that long to make the purchase, you’ll be able to pre-order it on January 25th. It will include the retailers launched, GameStop, and Microsoft Store. So there is a varied list of options for where to buy everything.

The full range of new mobile gaming products of course includes a bag called the Easy Grip Game Bag. Although, this is only for iPhones at the moment. Compatible devices are iPhone 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2nd generation, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

Otterbox says Easy Grip cases for select Android phones will be coming in the near future but has not indicated a date or which devices will be compatible. There’s a good bet though that it will include quite a few devices. And it’s probably the most popular ones like the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines.

In addition to the phone case, Otterbox has also revealed Glass Game Privacy Protection for screens, Easy Grip Controller Shell, Gaming Carry Case for Xbox consoles, and Mobile Gaming Clip.

Designed for Xbox, but perfect for any mobile games

While the carrying case is specially designed for Xbox Wireless Controllers, it could be useful for someone who uses a different type of controller.

It’s large enough to fit controllers like DualShock 4. The top of the case has a kickstand that you can prop up where you can set your phone. However, the game clip and controller grip will only work with Xbox wireless controllers.

The game clip alone might be a reason to choose an Xbox console if you don’t already have one. Thanks to its multi-angle settings. Designed by Otterbox with an adjustable arm that can be locked to a different angle can help prevent pressure on your wrists. You can also disconnect the clip from the console and use the integrated top table stand.

The clip will also fit almost any size smartphone. From Pixel 4a 5G to Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

When it comes to prices, all accessories are fairly reasonable. The phone case is $ 55, the game clip is $ 30, the console bag is $ 45, the console grip shell is $ 40, and the gaming privacy guard is $ 50.

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