Origin PC now introduces NVIDIA 30-series gaming laptops

Although (some) PC gaming desktop owners have been enjoying NVIDIA 30-series GPUs since last fall, gaming laptops are now entering the space, and Origin PC is one of the newest brands to announce it will provide Laptops with these GPUs.

Along with brands such as ASUS, Razer, Gigabyte and MSI, Origin will release updated models of gaming laptops with NVIDIA 30 series mobile GPUs.

In fact, Origin already sells laptops with these cards. Put it a few steps before some other brands. However, the estimated shipping date for laptops is 19-21 business days. So it will likely ship around the same time as the new Razer Blade models. Which approaches the first week of March.

NVIDIA 30 Series laptops come with up to RTX 3080 in Max-Q design

If you don’t mind waiting, Origin’s new 30-series gaming laptops will offer a few different configurations.

Four different laptops are getting the new GPUs. Including EVO-15S and EVO-17S, NT-15, And NT-17. Each laptop also has the option to use either the NVIDIA RTX 3070 or the RTX 3080.

Then there are various options for the display type. With options for 300 Hz panels, 144 Hz panels, and 4K OLED displays. No matter which options you choose, the laptop will come with the Max-Q design. So it will be fairly slim and lightweight.

Thin and light design with all that power is prohibitively expensive. With prices starting at over $ 2000. Prices go up from there based on how the rest of the laptop is configured.

For example, NT-17 can be as low as $ 4,177 if you configure it with all of the more expensive options. And this is the only laptop without any extra services or extensions.

However, if you have the money to spend and are looking for an extremely powerful laptop in terms of performance, Origin has you covered.

Personalize your laptop with custom patterns

What sets Origin apart from the competition is the amount of customization freedom it has.

Most brands sell laptops with a few selectable color options. Although, Origin gives you a lot of options to work with. You can specify the black standard if you like the most basic things.

But if you dare to venture into the most spectacular, you can choose from a selection of metallic colors, high-definition UV printing designs, or even custom laser engraving.

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